What Are Some Tips for a Father Seeking Child Custody?


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One tip for a father seeking custody of his child is to become more involved in his child's life by attending parent/teacher meetings and doctors appointments, attending sport games and picking his child up from school or day care, states Family Law Rights. This shows the court and the people in the child's life, such as teachers and doctors, that the child is a priority in the father's life.

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During conversations about custody, a father and his lawyer should never bring up issues regarding child support, suggests The Huffington Post. Addressing these issues during custody conversations gives the appearance that the father only wants more custody time to avoid paying child support. Illustrating the father's schedule on a calendar or piece of paper may help the father achieve more custody time, because it provides a visual for exactly how much time the child is spending with his father and how many days the child goes without seeing his father. This may sway to judge to allow the father more custody time.

When seeking custody, a father may consider getting references from his family, coworkers and colleagues or from the people in his child's life, such as coaches and teachers, states Family Law Rights. These potential witnesses provide proof of statements made by the father during the custody hearing and may help influence the judge in the father's favor if the mother does not have any witnesses to back up her word.

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