What Are Tips for Dealing With Difficult People?


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Tips for dealing with difficult people include not getting dragged down into their emotions, listening, limiting how long they vent, not automatically agreeing with their sentiments and responding to their complaints. It also helps to assist difficult people in solving their problems and cutting them off if necessary.

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What Are Tips for Dealing With Difficult People?
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It's best not to get dragged down into a difficult person's emotional state by limiting the time they're allowed to complain to five minutes. Simply agreeing with everything a difficult person says can make the situation worse. It's beneficial to listen to them and respond to their statements to convey a sense of caring.

Using fact-based statements is also a useful way to deal with difficult people, who often deal in extremes. Instead of "never" and "always," it's better to use words such as "frequently" and "sometimes." Fact-based statements are the first step in helping a difficult person solve his problems. Solving a problem is more productive and effective than simply venting or complaining.

Difficult people who don't seem interesting in solving the problem, or who vent for longer than five minutes, should be cut off. Allowing them to continue can disrupt the workplace, negatively impact a friendship or cause the listener to become frustrated.

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