What Are Some Tips for Creating a Witness Statement Template?


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Create a witness statement form by starting with a section to record the witness's personal information, then providing an area for the witness's testimony, states Legalzoom. The witness statement form ends with an acknowledgement that the information is true. Provide a line at the bottom for the witness to sign and date the document.

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Begin a witness statement, also called a will-say statement, with the witness's name, address, educational background and occupational information, advises Legalzoom. If the testimony is related to a case that involves work, be sure the witness notes his job title and work-related responsibilities. Each item should be on a separate line. The next section should record the facts the witness is testifying to, and each fact should be written in a new paragraph. If necessary, divide the paragraphs into relevant subheadings.

The affirmation statement at the end should conform to any local laws that require specific wording, according to Legalzoom. The form should provide an area near the witness's signature line for a notary public to apply a seal.

A letter to a judge in small claims court contains the same general information as a formal witness statement, explains Nolo. Judges in small claims courts often accept written statements from eyewitnesses and expert witnesses who cannot appear due to illness or other circumstances. An eyewitness writes down his personal information, then describes events he saw, including dates. An expert witness provides credentials and a written opinion related to the dispute.

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