What Are Some Tips for Choosing a Personal Injury Lawyer?

Tips for choosing a personal injury lawyer include hiring a lawyer who has considerable experience, is objective, has a good reputation and has a personality that the client can work with, as Free Advice recommends. It's helpful to ask lawyers for their records to get a better understanding of how successful they are, as Avvo notes.

Once a client identifies a few potential lawyers to retain, the client should sit down and ask each one a series of questions, advises Nolo. First, the client should ask how long the lawyer has been practicing and whether the lawyer more often represents plaintiffs or defendants. These are important details because a client does not want representation by an attorney who primarily works as a lawyer for defendants if the client is a plaintiff in the case. A defense attorney thinks more like an insurance company and may not fight as hard for the client's claim.

Clients should also ask potential lawyers if they intend to handle the case themselves or pass the case down to a less experienced lawyer in the office. It's not uncommon for more than one attorney to work on the same case and to have less experienced attorneys handle smaller tasks. Clients who meet with prospective attorneys should bring all documentation pertaining to their injury and determine how the lawyer plans on billing, according to Nolo.