What Are Some Tips for Buying Old Nuclear Bunkers?


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When buying an old bunker, take into consideration its intended use. To use it as an underground bunker, consider zoning laws for underground shelters, air filtration requirements, a source for fresh water, and an escape route in case of collapse or emergency. If the bunker is intended for use as a residential or commercial dwelling, the structure needs to meet local zoning laws. Also consider the cost effectiveness of the choice versus more traditional building methods.

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When burying a bunker underground in case of nuclear disaster, avoid choosing a location that attracts unwanted attention. Because resources inside the shelter are limited, it is best if very few people know about the shelter. Zoning laws in urban areas might preclude burying a large underground structure. The Survivalist Blog recommends purchasing a rural plot of land in which to bury the bunker.

Air filtration is an important consideration. Install at least two vents to provide fresh air and climate regulation. Stock the bunker with fresh water. Also consider digging a well inside the bunker in case extended stays become necessary.

Old nuclear bunkers are sometimes used in residential or commercial construction. The website MissileBases.com lists properties for sale that include nuclear bunkers, missile bases and communications bunkers.

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