What Are Some Tips for Buying an Abandoned Military Missile Silo?


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The primary obstacle to navigate in purchasing a decommissioned or abandoned military missile silo is establishing a clear title and working through the proper bureaucratic channels. Such properties may require highly specialized permits from the local, state and federal government. These locations also present unique issues for liability and insurance purposes and should be carefully examined with a specialist. A boutique industry has grown around such sites. Ed Peden runs MissileBases.com and is considered an expert in the field.

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A second concern with former military installations is the difficulty in converting them to civilian use. These sites offer unique feature like blast doors, underground architecture and self-contained environmental systems, but they typically lack most common modern residential amenities. It requires a considerable amount of labor and materials to convert a bunker from a sparse martial space into a livable domestic home.

There is also a noticeable variety in the sites available. The requirements for each silo changed with each subsequent generation of ballistic missile. Some properties feature a primarily horizontal floor plan with wide open spaces centered around large vertically opening blast doors. Other silos stored the missiles vertically and offer a series of smaller rooms built around a central concrete cylinder.

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