What Are Some Tips for Answering Immigration Visa Questions?

At immigration visa interviews, officials often ask questions about information that is already on submitted documents, but if applicants forget some details, they should admit it rather than guess answers, reports Nolo. Applicants should answer other questions with the intent of proving they qualify for the visa they are requesting.

Applicants need to review the information in the forms that they submit so they have no problem answering questions about the details, advises Nolo. When answering questions related to the particular visa he is applying for, the applicant must keep in mind the qualifying criteria for that visa. For instance, someone applying for a student visa should realize that the immigration official wants to ascertain that the student intends to return to his home country after graduation. Someone applying for a fiancé or marriage visa needs to prove that the relationship is sincere by answering questions about the courtship, the decision to get married, the wedding, the partner's personal habits and their domestic routine.

When applicants appear for an immigration interview, they need to have already completed a medical exam and any necessary vaccinations, according to the U.S. Department of State. They must bring their interview appointment letter and a sealed copy of the medical exam results. They must also bring originals or certified copies along with an additional photocopy of all needed documents such as birth certificates, marriage certificates, police certificates, military records and evidence of financial support.