What Are Some Tips for Adhering to Small Claims Court Rules?


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When filing a small claims lawsuit, plaintiffs should be certain that the problem is appropriate for the court, Marketplace advises. Typically, suits must be about money, and the court limits claims to $10,000. Plaintiffs must be able to identify the names of defendants and be sure that serving papers is possible, even if they are in different states.

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When filing in small claims court, individuals must complete the paperwork properly, according to Marketplace. For instance, plaintiffs should be sure to identify the other parties by their correct names. A plaintiff must file documents in the appropriate court district. Defendants needs to receive required legal documents within a specific time frame.

To properly present evidence in small claims court, plaintiffs should bring all pertinent documentation on the assigned date, Marketplace recommends. Since the entire hearing typically lasts less than 10 minutes, this evidence should be presented efficiently and succinctly.

A defendant who disagrees with the amount of money claimed in a small claims court petition should formally ask for evidence of the charges, explains The Florida Bar Foundation. A defendant who believes a small claims debt was previously discharged in bankruptcy court should consult with his lawyer to verify the discharge.

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