What Time Is the State of the Union?


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The State of the Union address for 2015 started at 9 p.m. on January 20, 2015. The President of the United States gives the State of the Union address in January of each year.

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The U.S. Constitution mandates the State of the Union address. Prior to 1934, the President gave the address was given, but that changed when Congress' opening moved from March to January. In 1953 and 1961, two different Presidents gave State of the Union messages in each year due to the transition of the new administrations. In January 1953, Harry Truman gave a written address, and Dwight Eisenhower gave the formal address in February, just after he took office. President Eisenhower submitted a written address on January 12, 1961, while John F. Kennedy gave the formal address on January 30.

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