What Are Some Things Done at a Ceremony to Install Officers?


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When installing a new officer, there are three main parts organizations follow: introduction, description and acceptance. A senior officer begins with opening remarks followed by a description of the position of the officer. Following the description, the officer-elect then accepts his or her position.

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Some organizations have more complex ceremonies, but the premise remains the same. Greek organizations, such as sororities and fraternities, follow pre-set guidelines that detail who attends, how the attendees are arranged, how they dress, who speaks in what order and what is said. There are manuals provided by these organizations with scripts that must be followed. In the United States, these ceremonies often are formal and may require the presence of a Bible, the organization's specific coat-of-arms and the American flag.

The United States Army follows the same premise plus a relevant motivational speech. A Non-commissioned Officer, or NCO, Induction Ceremony also includes the recitation and explanation of the NCO Creed. The creed has three paragraphs detailing pride, duties and respect to motivate officers to perform at their best. Each paragraph starts with the letters "N," "C" and "O." The NCO Creed was developed in the 1970s after the Vietnam war as a way to build and shape the new volunteer army.

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