What Are Some Things in the DEA Database Lookup?

The Drug Enforcement Agency, or DEA, database lookup includes information on drug-related crimes, laws and processes, plus instructions on how to report illegal activity. The database also includes descriptions of illegal narcotics and commonly prescribed, but often misused, drugs. Educational and statistical information is available for print or download.

Illegal drug activity is the major focus in the DEA database lookup. Visitors of the site can find news releases and information on major operations, along with instructions related to reporting activity and preventing illegal drug use and trafficking in their own families and neighborhoods. Detailed descriptions of illegal and controlled narcotics and their effects are available in an alphabetized list within the A-Z Index link at the top of the home page.

Staffing and budget information is made public in the database, as well as job postings, internships and student shadowing programs. Educational, anti-drug campaigns are described, and resources are provided for requesting a local officer or task force to deliver a presentation to any school or community group.

Instructions are also provided for the safe and proper disposal of prescription drugs and expired prescription drugs, along with information about how to report any medications that have been lost or stolen.