What Are Some Things Covered in the Platform of the California Democratic Party?


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The 2014 California Democratic Party platform, officially adopted at the 2014 state convention, contains 21 individual planks, covering issues ranging from business and the economy to world peace and international relations. On business and the economy, for example, the party pledged to, among other things, promote and guarantee low-interest small business loans, support the separation of retail and investment banking and support the implementation of tax policies that provide a higher degree of tax equity.

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What Are Some Things Covered in the Platform of the California Democratic Party?
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On the issue of political reform, the party pledged to increase voter participation by way of extending voting hours, scheduling elections on weekends, or making election day a holiday; encourage instant runoff elections; and work to overturn the decision in Citizens United v. Federal Elections Commission. The children's plank in the platform included a pledge to promote policies and support agencies that are responsible for providing mental health services, anti-bullying programs and substance abuse prevention, among other things, that the party considered critical to the health and well-being of children and families in need. On veterans' issues, the party pledged to support the elimination of veteran homelessness by increasing funding for permanent affordable housing and therapeutic facilities. The party's 2014 platform also included language advocating for the full legalization of marijuana, an increase in the minimum wage and a moratorium on fracking.

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