What Are the Texas Laws on Annulments?


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According to the statutes and legislation of Texas, grounds for annulment include influence of alcohol or narcotics, fraud or force, marriage less than 72 hours after issue of license, and death of a party. They also include issues like impotency, mental incapacity, an underage party and a concealed divorce.

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An annulment may be filed if a party is married under age 18 without parental consent, but the annulment must be filed within 90 days of the marriage, explains the statute. The annulment is discretionary, and if the female party is pregnant, annulment may not be granted. Annulment based on the influence of alcohol or narcotics is based on whether or not the parties have cohabited since the night of the marriage. Annulments based on other criteria are subject to Texas law.

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