What Are Some Texas Adoption Laws?

Texas adoption laws state that any adult may adopt a child after parental rights of that child have been terminated. Before adoption, Texas law states that each child must undergo health, social, educational and genetic studies and that each report contain reports of abuse, as noted in the state of Texas's Family Code.

Adoption laws in Texas state that adoptive parents have the right to examine a child's records. These records include dental, medical, social history and birth records, where applicable.

Another Texas adoption law says that no child may be adopted without living in the home of the adoption petitioner for at least six months. if for some reason the living arrangements do not work out, Texas retains the right to revoke the arrangements, notes the Family Code.

All parties must be present during the adoption hearing, unless the court grants special permission for one parent to miss the proceedings. The Texas court may not deny an adoption based on race or ethnicity of either parent or child.

Once the court issues the order of adoption, the adopted child will be entitled to inherit from the parents upon their deaths. Parents may then legally refer to the child as their descendant, unless a contract specifically states otherwise.