What Are the Terms of Intense Probation in Georgia?


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The terms of intense probation supervision in Georgia involve close supervision by probation officers, gainful employment and various intervention programs, according to the Georgia Department of Corrections. Offenders placed under house arrest can only leave home for work and other essential activities such as medical attention.

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The goal of intense probation supervision is to keep a close eye on offenders, which influences how the offender behaves, claims the Georgia Department of Corrections. IPS supervision terms also mandate that offenders be employed and follow strict curfews set by the program. Offenders are given access to rehabilitation services, and some offenders have daily contact with a probation officer, notes the National Criminal Justice Reference Service. Offenders are put under intensive probation for a minimum of three months, a medium probation of three to 12 months, or an extended term lasting longer than a year. Probation fees collected from offenders fund the IPS program.

Probation terms in Georgia vary greatly and often include typical and special conditions imposed by the judge, notes Lawyers.com. Typical conditions might include staying away from disreputable people and places, avoiding illegal drugs and alcohol abuse, and maintaining employment. Special conditions imposed may include regular drug or alcohol testing, counseling sessions and participating in community service.

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