How Do You Terminate Your Lawyer?


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The first step an individual must take in terminating a lawyer is to review the contract signed by both parties. Often the document addresses the necessary steps for termination, says Lawyers.com. It is also recommended that one hire a new lawyer before letting the old one go.

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An individual should send a certified or registered letter to his attorney, informing the lawyer that the business relationship is terminated and to cease all work on the client's behalf. This is also an appropriate time to request all of the files on the case, according to Lawyers.com. An individual should be specific about the logistics of the files transfer to clear up any potential future confusion. He is not obligated to go into the specifics in writing as to why he is firing the attorney, says Lawyers.com.

Individuals should consider whether or not the issues currently facing him could be resolved with a different lawyer and consider the fact that courts see repeated lawyer switching as suspicious behavior if it happens more than once, recommends Lawyers.com. On the other hand, if the lawyer is acts unprofessionally or does not understand the case, it is advisable for the client to seek legal assistance elsewhere.

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