What Does the Term "statutory Body" Mean?

The term "statutory body" is defined as an organization given the authority to check the activities of a business or organization to ensure such groups follow the law. Cambridge Dictionaries states a statutory body is created by a parliament to regulate industries, groups of experts and governmental agencies.

The Collins English Dictionary defines a statutory body as a group that considers evidence and makes judgments in some field of activity such as transportation, commerce, energy, gaming and conservation. The extent of authority of statutory bodies is governed by the entity that created them.

The state of Queensland in Australia states a statutory body is established by an act, controls funds and includes people appointed by a governor or minister. The government entity or department that creates the statutory body is not a part of that same entity or department.

A statutory body gives advice to governments and introduces expertise into a decision-making process. Government officials do not necessarily have to follow the advice of these entities. Advisory bodies should be independent of any kind of influence. Adopting the policies of a statutory body indicates a level of high performance within the group of advisers. Low performance of an advisory group may lead to questions regarding the effectiveness of the governmental agency that formed the statutory body.