What Is the Tennessee Department of Labor and Workforce?

The Tennessee Department of Labor and Workforce is a Tennessee state agency that helps residents locate jobs, apply for unemployment and find information regarding labor laws. Employers can also use the Tennessee Department of Labor and Workforce to post jobs or seek information regarding employers' responsibilities in the workplace.

The Tennessee Department of Labor and Workforce has a website called Jobs4TN which is an online database for Tennessee job seekers and employers. This website allows users to search and save potential jobs, as well as share job openings and email the Career Network.

Tennessee residents who become unemployed can file for unemployment insurance through the Tennessee Department of Labor. Once the applicant has applied, he can track the status of claim directly through the department's website. Residents can also find information regarding job and career training directly through the department.

The Tennessee Department of Labor is broken up by divisions: Adult Education, Employment Security, Occupational Safety and Health Administration, Regulations and Compliance, Workers' Compensation, and Workforce Services. The Adult Education department helps workers become self-sufficient by providing the knowledge necessary to complete their secondary education. The department helps residents build on their skills and works with them to help meet their career goals.