What Are Your Tenant Rights in a Month-to-Month Lease Arrangement?


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A month-to-month lease offers tenants the right to terminate the lease by giving notice, which is typically 30 days in advance, says FindLaw. However, a tenant is not protected by the landlord's ability to raise the rent, change the rental terms or evict without reason.

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A month-to-month tenancy lease gives tenants an easy way to get out of the rental agreement, as long as they provide enough notice. When mailing the notice, the tenant should assume the time begins running when the landlord receives the notice, not the day the notice was mailed, says Nolo. The tenant giving notice should contact his landlord to be sure all are agreeable on the last day of tenancy.

Tenants in a month-to-month lease don't have many rights when it comes to a landlord evicting them. In New Hampshire, New Jersey and most rent-controlled cities where there must be a legal reason for eviction, landlords can evict tenants just because they want to. A month-to-month tenant does have the right to receive fair warning, but the time line is varies from state to state. ?Unless the lease agreement says otherwise, it is not necessary for the landlord to give a tenant warning of eviction on the day rent is due, notice can be given midterm, according to Nolo.

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