What Are Ten Frivolous and Outrageous Lawsuits?

According to LegalZoom, 10 frivolous and outrageous lawsuits include a 1992 suit against McDonald's for burns from hot coffee; a 1988 suit against Para-Chem when a flammable container of carpet adhesive was ignited by a hot water heater; and a 1992 suit against Honda for the death of a woman who could not disengage her seat belt under water. Another frivolous lawsuit included the 2003 suit against Kraft Foods.

LegalZoom's list of frivolous lawsuits includes a 1997 suit on behalf of a burglar who was electrocuted by a trap set by the person he was burgling. The civil suit resulted in a judgment of $75,000. A 1991 suit against Anheiser-Busch by a customer claimed false advertising, as the customer was unable to attract women when drinking the Anheiser-Busch product. The case was dismissed. A case against the Illinois Department of Public Aid in 2003 claimed that the stress of the job caused a former employee to commit armed robbery. The final judgment was $303,830. A 1996 case against a strip bar was made by a customer claiming that the dancers' breasts gave him whiplash. The plaintiff was denied compensation.

Another outrageous suit listed by The Huffington Post was a suit for pain and suffering against Michael Jordan from someone who looked like him.