How Do You Get Templates for Legal Pleading Papers?


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You can find templates for legal pleading papers at the San Diego Law Library website that are formatted specifically to California Law, as the San Diego Law Library explains. You can also find templates through Open Office, as its website shows.

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The templates at Open Office are for the Apache Open Office software, as Open Office's website demonstrates. You can download the templates directly to your computer for formatting and completing.

A legal pleading is a document used during the beginning stages of a lawsuit. The parties of the lawsuit formally submit their claims and defenses using pleadings. The plaintiff generally submits a complaint that states the cause of action, and defendants submit answers that state their defenses. The defendant also has an opportunity to counterclaim by stating a cause of action against the plaintiff, according to the Cornell University Legal Information Institute.

Old common law had complicated rules, and complaints that held merit may have been thrown out of court due to technical flaws in the pleading rather than the content of the allegations. As of 2015, most states no longer require pleadings to conform to older formats and allow them to be a simple petition or complaint that sets forth the allegations and facts and specifically asks for the plaintiff's requested remedy, as the Cornell University Legal Information Institute reports.

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