How Do You Tell If an FBI Badge Is Real?

Genuine Federal Bureau of Investigation badges are characterized by the following traits: color, symbols, eagle placement, accompanying identification and matching photo. Most badge forgeries lack color authenticity, engravings and emblems.

When seeking to determine FBI badge authenticity, there are five simple elements a person should see. A real FBI badge is colored fully gold. Many impostors may carry badges that contain various other colors, such as silver or bronze. Moreover, the badge should be approximately 3 inches tall and simple to read. A badge that's too small or too big is a dead giveaway.

Real FBI badges bear the appropriate symbols and engravings. It is important to seek the words "Federal Investigation Bureau" at the top, Lady Justice in the center with the letter U on her left and the letter S on her right, and the words "Department of Justice" displayed at the bottom. Forged badges may contain acronyms, misspellings or an incorrect depiction of Lady Justice.

Real FBI badges display an eagle at the top, almost as a separate section of the badge itself. Lack of an eagle is another obvious flaw.

Always seek identification. A true FBI badge is accompanied by identification that expresses the special agent's relationship to the FBI.

Verify the picture on the I.D. Obviously, if the photo doesn't match, he is an impostor.