What Is the Tea Party?


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The Tea Party is an American political grassroots movement that leans to the right of the Republican party. According to the Tea Party site, it was created in 2004 and cites its inspiration as the original Boston Tea Party in 1773, essentially the first act of rebellion against the British.

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The Tea Party claims millions of members hailing from all walks of political life, including Republicans, Democrats, Libertarians and Independents. The party espouses that America is founded on Judeo-Christian values and that the Constitution is inherently conservative.

The Tea Party lists a series of core beliefs that it considers non-negotiable. It says that undocumented aliens are in the country illegally, that domestic employment is indispensable, that a strong military is necessary and that special interests must be deleted. It further says that gun ownership must be protected, that there should always be less government, that the budget should be balanced and that deficit spending should be ended. Bailout plans should be illegal, according to the party's values, and personal income taxes should be reduced. The party also endorses English as the core language, political offices for regular citizens and traditional family values. The Tea Party is against intrusive government and for reducing business taxes.

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