What Was Task Force 121?


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Task Force 121 was a United States military special operations task force. The force participated in the Afghanistan and Iraq wars beginning in 2003 and was involved in several incidents that garnered international media attention.

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Task Force 121 was primarily created to apprehend enemy targets that the Department of Defense considered of high value. The task force was a joint service operation with members from the Army Rangers, Delta Force, 160th Special Operations Aviation Regiment, Air Force Combat Controllers, and Pararescue and SEAL Team Six. Group intelligence was also provided by a mixed staff from the U.S. Army Intelligence Support Activity, the CIA's Special Activities Division and the DIA. Other United States troops and coalition forces sometimes provided operational assistance as well.

Uday and Qusay Hussein were killed in combat with troops assigned to Task Force 20, the precursor of Task Force 121. Task Force 121 would go on to locate and capture Saddam Hussein as a part of Operation Red Dawn.

Task Force 121 was also implicated in the abuse of detainees during interrogation sessions during an internal investigation by the Army. The organization's name was changed to Task Force 6-26 in 2004 and changed focus to interrogations, with Human Rights Watch reporting that abuses continued to occur.

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