What Is SWAT Team Training?


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SWAT team training is aimed at equipping elite police units with specialized crime-fighting capabilities, according to Wikipedia. This training is typically not available to conventional police units. Paired with military-grade equipment, the specialized training allows SWAT teams to effectively tackle violent, high-risk crimes such as terrorism, hostage taking and gun running.

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SWAT stands for special weapons and tactics, according to Wikipedia. Serving in SWAT teams is considered a great honor, according to Tim Dees of Inner Body. SWAT officers are typically selected from the cream of the crop of conventional police officers and sheriff's departments. Ordinary members of the public can also apply to join SWAT.

To be selected, regular police officers are required to have pristine service records, superior shooting skills and be in excellent physical condition. Positions tend to be limited in number, and competition for them is typically fierce. After selection, recruits without previous police training receive theoretical and practical training in leadership, law, police tactics, weapons and police procedure for up to 30 weeks. The standard of physical fitness demanded is particularly high, and recruits cannot graduate if they do not attain the required levels of fitness. Recruits selected from conventional police forces receive training in special weapons and close-quarters combat. SWAT officers undergo continuous training throughout their careers. A high standard of physical fitness is a perpetual requirement, according to Dees.

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