How Do You Sue a City?


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Generally, plaintiffs sue city governments in much the same way they sue private parties responsible for accidents and injuries, says FindLaw. If you are injured in an accident caused by a city employee, you may file a personal injury lawsuit against the city. If you slip and experience injury in a city-owned building, you can potentially file a premises liability suit.

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To sue a city for injuries, contact a lawyer soon after the injuries are sustained, according to FindLaw. In this type of case, the plaintiff often has a limited time frame in which to sue. You need to provide witness names, estimates of monetary damage sustained, medical records and all other relevant evidence. If you work for the city and you are unfairly terminated, you could file an employment lawsuit against your former employer.

Public school students and their parents can sue cities for negligently failing to provide educational opportunity, reports FindLaw. In some states, plaintiffs must file administrative claims before they can file civil cases against cities. In these cases, plaintiffs can only move forward with lawsuits after their initial administrative claims fail. Some states have laws that shield government officials against some types of personal injury lawsuits. Lawsuits against government hospitals can also face legislative obstacles.

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