How Do You Submit a by Name Request for USMC Recruiting?

How Do You Submit a by Name Request for USMC Recruiting?

To submit a name request for United States Marine Corps recruiting, go to the Marine Corps official website, and follow the instructions on the request information page. You need your demographic information and a U.S. or U.S. territories address. The process takes about five minutes.

  1. Go to the Marine Corps Website

    Once on the website, navigate to the request information page.

  2. Read the name submission instructions

    Instructions on completing your personal information form and receiving your local Marine Corps recruiting station contact information are included on the page. Filling out a name request does not obligate you to military service.

  3. Provide general information

    Under the general information section, fill in your name, date of birth, gender, ethnicity, if desired, and education level.

  4. Fill out your address

    The Marine Corps uses your address to match you with a local recruiter. You must have an address within the United States or in a U.S. territory to submit a name request.

  5. Select from available special programs that interest you

    You have the option to request information on the Musician Enlistment Option Program or the Naval Reserve Officer Training Corps (to become a Marine officer). There is also a check box to indicate if you are have previously served in the Marines.

  6. Get Recruiter Contact Information

    Once the name request is complete, you will receive the contact information for your local Marine Corps recruiting station. You may also be contacted by a recruiter.