How Do You Submit a Food Stamp Renewal Form?


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Food stamp renewal forms, now known as SNAP renewal forms, can be downloaded, printed and filled out by hand, then physically mailed or taken in to a local Department of Social Services office to be submitted. Some states, such as New York, allow members of SNAP to renew their certification over the phone, according to the New York government website.

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Use the following steps to submit a food stamp (or SNAP) renewal form.

  1. Download the form online, or get the form from a Social Services office
  2. Most states have SNAP forms available for download on their state-specific government website. On these websites, locate the Department of Social Services page and search for a food stamp or SNAP submission form, then download and print the form. If the form cannot be acquired online, get the form from a Social Services office.

  3. Fill out the form and make sure that all requirements are still met
  4. To successfully have a SNAP certification renewed, individuals and families must have all of the required credentials for the program. Fill out the form with all of the required information.

  5. Mail or take the form in to a local Social Services office
  6. Once completed, the form can be mailed to a local Department of Social Services office, or it can simply be taken in by an individual to be submitted.

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