How Do You Submit a Complaint to the City?


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Most cities accept complaints through online forms found on the city's official government website. Cities that don't accept online complaints usually accept complaints over the phone.

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Cities have different databases for every department, so it is essential to know the specific department the complaint is about. If the complaint is against a city department, such as the police department, your city's government website should have a specific process for filing. For example, the official Denver website displays a portal for complaints against police officers.

Some cities also have systems for complaints against private services and businesses. Chicago, Illinois, accepts complaints against restaurants, taxis and even cable providers, as stated by the City of Chicago website.

Some cities are not set up for online complaints, but these cities usually have phone lines dedicated to filing complaints. Colorado Springs, Colorado, does not have an online complaint database, but the city has four phone lines for complaints depending on where you live in the city, according to the City of Colorado Springs website.

Regardless of the city you live in or the method the city uses for accepting complaints, the most important thing is to know the specific department, service or industry you are complaining about. Cities such as Cambridge, Massachusetts, have specific complaint processes, according to the City of Cambridge website, so being as specific as possible is essential.

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