How Do You Study for the U.S. Citizenship Test?

How Do You Study for the U.S. Citizenship Test?

The U.S. citizenship test requires candidates to pass two individual sections, one focused on English language skills and the other on civics. The U.S. Immigration Services website provides a variety of study aids. To pass the civics test, applicants must answer six out of 10 questions correctly.

The English section of the citizenship test is broken down into three separate categories: spoken English, written English and reading English.

The spoken English test is assessed by an interviewer, who will determine how well the candidate is able to communicate verbally. This can be studied for by practicing conversational English with a fluent speaker.

The written English test requires the candidate to correctly write one sentence out of three. This can be practiced by writing out commonly spoken phrases or practicing with a fluent speaker.

The final part of the English test section, the reading test, requires the candidate to read at least one sentence aloud correctly out of a total of three. This can easily be practiced alone or with a friend by reading out passages of a book, a travel guide or an English language phrase book. Having a native speaker on hand to check pronunciation can also be helpful.