What Is the Structure of the Wisconsin Government?


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The state of Wisconsin has three branches of governments: executive, legislative and judicial. The executive branch includes the governor and other key leaders. The legislative branch includes the assembly and senate, which both consist of elected representatives. The judicial branch is the state's court system and has four levels: municipal courts, circuit courts, the court of appeals and the supreme court. The supreme court hears appeals from lower courts, administers the entire court system and regulates the practice of law.

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At the federal level, Wisconsin has eight congressional representatives and two senators. The state collects income tax and a sales tax. It also imposes a property tax, which generates a large amount of funding for school districts and colleges. The state does not have toll roads, but it has an annual vehicle registration fee. A motor fuel tax partly funds highway construction and maintenance.

Wisconsin is in the north-central United States. It borders Minnesota and Illinois. Its largest city is Milwaukee, and the state capital is Madison. The state has 72 counties. Wisconsin is famous for being a leading producer of dairy products, including milk and cheese. It also has a large manufacturing sector. Information technology and tourism also contribute to the state's economy.

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