How Do You Strip a Ruger Mini 30?


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Disassemble a Ruger Mini 30 by first ensuring that the weapon is unloaded. Disengage the slide assembly, then remove the trigger guard and trigger assembly. Next, remove the barrel and receiver assembly. Remove the spring assembly, followed by removing the bolt to complete the disassembly. The Mini 30 utilizes the same disassembly instructions that are used for the Ruger Mini 14.

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  1. Safety first

    With the muzzle pointed in a safe direction and the safety engaged, push the catch mechanism forward and pull the magazine down and forward to remove it.

  2. Engage the slide

    With the safety still engaged, cock the hammer and push the slide rearward as far as it can go, pull and release.

  3. Remove the trigger guard and housing

    Stick a long, thin screwdriver or similar tool into the hole in the back of the trigger guard. Pull back and away from the trigger to remove it from the trigger housing. Remove the trigger assembly by pulling up and away from the housing.

  4. Remove the barrel/receiver assembly

    Pull the barrel/receiver assembly out of the stock. Pull the stock back and away from the engagement mechanism.

  5. Remove the spring assembly

    Push forward on the guide rod and recoil spring compressing it and disconnect it from the receiver. Lift the guide rod and recoil spring out of the receiver housing.

  6. Remove the bolt

    Remove the bolt lock cover plate. Push the bolt lock plunger in and pull the bolt stop up until it is perpendicular to the housing. Align the firing pin with the slot in the receiver bridge and lift the bolt out of the receiver.

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