What on-Street Parking Laws Does the City of San Diego Enforce?


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In general, vehicles in San Diego may not be parked in any way that obstructs traffic, explains the City of San Diego. Vehicles may not park in alleys, unless the alley is specifically designated as a parking zone, and they may not park on the road without moving for more than 72 hours.

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To allow the free flow of traffic, vehicles may not park in intersections or crosswalks, explains the City of San Diego. Parked cars must be more than 15 feet away from fire hydrants and fire station entrances. Unoccupied vehicles are prohibited from blocking residential or business driveways, even those belonging to the owner of the car. No parking is permitted at bus stops, in tunnels or on bridges unless signs to the contrary are clearly posted. Parking is also forbidden in medians unless signage states otherwise.

Trucks and delivery vehicles may park in alleys only while loading and unloading passengers or goods, according to the City of San Diego. Likewise, heavy duty commercial vehicles may only park in residential areas when loading or unloading or servicing a nearby customer. Detached semi-trailers and auxiliary trailers are forbidden to park on any street if they are not actively being loaded or unloaded. As of 2015, recreational vehicles require a permit to park on city streets between 2 a.m. and 6 a.m.

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