What Are Some Strange U.S. Laws?


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One strange law in the United States is the law against dwarf-tossing in Florida. If the owner of a commercial establishment that sells alcohol allows a dwarf-tossing contest to take place or participates in one, he can receive a fine up to $1000. A strange law in Iowa states that it is a misdemeanor to label margarine, oleo and oleomargarine as real butter, according to the Business Insider website.

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A strange law in Minnesota makes it illegal to participate in a game of capturing oiled or greased pigs. The same law also makes turkey scrambles illegal in the state, notes Business Insider. In West Virginia, it is illegal to use ferrets for hunting purposes.

In 1973 New Hampshire made it illegal to collect seaweed, a commodity that has several uses, during nighttime. A strange law in South Dakota allows farmers to protect their sunflower crops using fireworks. A farmer can only use the fireworks if he is not within 600 feet of a home, a schoolhouse or a church, states Business Insider.

Certain organizations cannot legally hold bingo games that last longer than five hours in North Carolina. The state only allows these organizations to hold games once every 48 hours and with less than $500 in prize money, reports the Business Insider website.

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