What Are Some Strange Laws in Virginia?


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Virginia is host to many strange laws, including a law that makes it illegal to tickle women and another that states that chickens cannot lay their eggs prior to 8 a.m. and must finish laying for the day before 4 p.m. Another weird law, known as the Code of 1930, prevents anyone from practicing bribery unless the person is an elected official.

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Drivers in Virginia are required by law to honk their horns when they pass other cars on the roadway, drivers must not drive barefoot and it is illegal to park a car on the railroad tracks. The state of Virginia prohibits spitting on a sea gull, and patting a woman's behind can carry a 60-day jail sentence. Skunks cannot be kept as pets, and cursing about another person is against the law.

Some other weird outdated laws include a law forbidding trick-or-treating on Halloween and engaging in business on Sundays. Virginia also forbids hunting of any animal on Sundays, although raccoons are an exception, but must be hunted by 2 a.m.

Some laws in Virginia are only applicable to specific towns. For example, in Richmond, Virginia, it is against the law to go into a restaurant and flip a coin to decide who pays for coffee. In Lebanon, Virginia, a man kicking wife out of bed is also a crime.

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