What Are Some Strange Arizona Laws?

Some strange laws in Arizona render it illegal to let donkeys sleep in bathtubs, ride a horse up the courthouse stairs, shoot camels and make imitation cocaine, states Dumb Laws, as of 2015. It is illegal to sell moldy green eggs, tamper with petroglyphs in caves or stuff a mattress with waste from a junkyard or dump, states Naegle and Crider PLC. Additional strange laws target wearing red ski masks, stealing soap, wearing suspenders and serving horse meat in restaurants.

A rancher allowed his donkey to sleep in a bathtub on his property, notes Naegle and Crider PLC. When a flood carried away the donkey in the tub, the ensuing rescue took considerable town resources and physical effort. Subsequently, the law against letting donkeys sleep in bathtubs was passed in 1924. Another strange law states that a person who steals soap is must wash with it until it is all gone.

Prior to 1857 the Army used camels imported from Egypt, says Naegle and Crider PLC. When the Army released or sold the camels, the law banning the shooting of camels was passed. Committing a misdemeanor while wearing a red ski mask automatically makes the crime a felony. It is illegal for a restaurant to serve horse meat without disclosing the fact in green print on the menu.