What Stores Sell Custom Thompson Center Encore Barrels?


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E. Arthur Brown Company’s stores are some of the leading sellers of custom Thompson Center Encore barrels in the United States, as it states on its website, EABCo.com. The company’s online store also sells Thompson Center Encore barrels among other Thompson Center Arms products.

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E. Arthur Brown Company produces its own Thompson Center barrels and also sells barrels manufactured by the Thompson Center factory. Other Thompson Center Arms products that E. Arthur Brown sells include the Pro Hunter and Contender G2. E. Arthur Brown Company's interest in the Thompson Center Arms’ products started in the 1980s. The company's founder, Eben Brown, used a 10-inch Thompson Center Contender pistol in shooting competitions. His passion for the gun triggered his career and partnership with Thompson Center Arms, as the E. Arthur Brown Company reports.

One of the Thompson Center Encore barrels that the E. Arthur Brown Company sells is the shotgun version, which has played a major part in the Thompson Center's success story. The Thompson Center Encore can also change into a barrel chambered for a different rifle by removing its forehead and pivot pin. It can also transform into a shotgun or a muzzle loader by removing the pivot pin and forehead and fitting a different barrel, according to the E. Arthur Brown Company.

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