What Are Some Stores That Accept WIC Vouchers?

Stores such as Safeway, Harris Teeter, Giant Food and CVS Pharmacy all accept WIC vouchers. In order for a retail establishment to be eligible to accept WIC benefits, it must continuously offer at least three varieties of food in each of the four qualifying categories, and offer perishable foods in at least two of the qualifying categories. Stores are also eligible if half of the total dollar amount of all sales comes from eligible foods.

Categories include fruits and vegetables, dairy products, cereal or bread and meat, fish or poultry. A variety means a variety of items in the fruit category, such as apples, bananas and pears, or in the dairy category, milk and cheese. Staple foods do not include items such as coffee or tea.

The USDA's WIC website does not contain a list of stores that accept WIC vouchers, but it does list each individual state's program website. The individual state websites provide information on that state's approved WIC vendors and a list of foods that can be purchased using WIC benefits.

The WIC program, which is the acronym for U.S. Women, Infants and Children, is a federal program that grants money to states that allow qualifying low-income families to purchase food from approved stores. It is targeted to women who are pregnant, postpartum or breastfeeding and their children up to age 5. The families that qualify for this service are generally at risk of nutritional deficiencies if they don't receive this supplementary assistance.