How Do You Stop Illegal Poaching?

stop-illegal-poaching Credit: Danita Delimont/Gallo Images/Getty Images

According to the World Wildlife Fund, educating the public about the illegal wildlife trade and helping local officials enforce wildlife protection laws are two important ways to help end illegal poaching. As some of the world’s most endangered species are on the precipice of extinction, it is imperative that illegal poaching be stopped before it tips the balance, causing some of the world’s species to go extinct.

One important step the WWF has taken is to help fund and construct camps and shelters for rangers who patrol the areas of endangered species. These camps allow the rangers to patrol more isolated and distant areas, many of which hold endangered, often-poached species. It is also important to equip these rangers appropriately. Often, the rangers must attempt to catch poachers who are working as part of elaborate, well-funded, criminal operations. If the rangers are to have a chance at stopping the illegal poaching, they must have the tools and weapons necessary to do so.

According to the WWF, economics is one of the root causes for illegal poaching. For example, a rhinoceros’s horn is worth about 100 times the earnings of the local villagers. Improving the economic conditions in countries that harbor endangered species helps to reduce the rate of poaching.