How Do You Stop a Divorce?


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To stop a divorce once the legal papers have been filed, the couple must both agree to stop it and file a request to withdraw the petition for divorce, according to Legal Match. The courts may require the couple to attend mediation or counseling to ensure the decision is mutual.

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If only one partner is willing to stop the divorce, then the courts can proceed with the divorce hearings, according to Legal Match. If both parties are doubting the decision to divorce, counseling may be a viable option to determine compatibility, according to Psychologist Susan Heitler with Psychology Today. Heitler recommends couples clarify what they are willing to change or want to see changed within the relationship in order to stop the divorce proceedings and the desire to separate.

Make a plan with each other to fix what is possible to fix, and compile a list of supporting phrases to help each other adjust to any behavioral modifications, Heitler recommends. To stop a divorce, it is also helpful to learn skills needed for a successful marriage, such as talking together cooperatively, being more positive toward each other, making decisions together and preventing anger from getting in the way of your communication, according to Heitler.

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