What Steps Do You Take to Vote?


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To vote, register as a voter, find a polling location, confirm polling hours and deadlines, and schedule time to vote. Confirm your voter registration status prior to election day.

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Most states require people to register as voters 30 days before upcoming elections. To register as a voter, you must be 18 years or older, a registered U.S. Citizen and a resident of the city or township in which you wish to vote. You can register in person with a city or town clerk, with the Department of Motor Vehicles or through the mail. Before the election, confirm that your name is in the voter register and locate your polling station. If you are temporarily residing outside the United States or unable to get to the voting place for some other reason, register for an absentee ballot with your state.

Confirm the polling hours and deadlines before the election day. Absentee voters must return their ballots promptly so that polling clerks receive them before the poll closing time. Set aside a specific time to go and vote on the election day. Carry the credentials that you used to register as a voter. If you don't have your voter ID, you can still vote by signing an affidavit at the polling station.

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