What Are the Steps to Obtaining Your Concealed Carry Permit in Utah?


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The first step to applying for applying for a concealed carry permit in Utah is obtaining a weapons familiarity certification by completely a Bureau of Criminal Identification certified firearms familiarity course, states USA Carry. The applicant must then fill out an application, part of which the instructor of the BCI class must fill out, and send it to the Utah Department of Public Safety with the necessary documents.

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The applicant must include a photo copy of his driver's license with the application for a concealed weapon permit, informs the Utah Department of Public Safety. Other required material include a recent photograph, in color and of passport quality, and a fingerprint card. A trained technician must acquire the fingerprints, and if the fingerprints are blurry or illegible, the BCI may return the card to the applicant and delay the application process.

Residents of states that have reciprocity with Utah must submit a copy of their concealed weapon permit in their state of residence with their application, states the Utah Department of Public Safety. The Department of Public Safety contains a list of certified instructors for applicants who need to find a weapons familiarity certification class. An applicant may submit his application in person at the BCI or by mail.

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