What Are the Steps to File for Disability in California?


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File for disability online in California by gathering needed information and documents, registering for an online account, filing an application, and obtaining a physician or practitioner's medical certification of the disability. A physician can also submit a paper form with the receipt number of your claim.

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  1. Gather needed information

    Have your most recent W-2 form or paycheck stub ready to provide the business name, address and telephone number; the date of your last day of work or when you had to switch to part-time work; and the wages you received or still receive, including sick leave and paid time off. Be sure to also have the contact information for any facilities where you receive treatment.

  2. Register for an account

    Go to the State of California Employment Development Department website, and create an online account. Read the terms and conditions, and click I Agree if you want to continue. Provide your personal information, including Social Security number, email address, and California Driver's License or ID number.

  3. File an application

    Fill out the claim application after you complete your registration. When you finish, you receive a receipt number. Write it down, or print it out for your physician.

  4. Obtain medical certification of the disability

    Give the receipt number to your physician or practitioner. Your physician should use it to submit your medical certification online. If your physician does not use State Disability Insurance Online, he should submit a paper form with the receipt number of your claim.

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