What Is the Status of the Menendez Brothers in 2015?


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Erik and Lyle Menendez live in separate prisons in the State of California's prison system, as of October 2015. Both brothers continue to serve the life sentences they received after murdering their parents in 1989.

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Since entering prison, Erick Menendez married his wife Tammi. Tammi saw Erick on television and felt sorry for him, so she began sending Erick monthly letters. After Tammi's husband committed suicide, Tammi moved to California and married Erick in a prison ceremony. Tammi and her daughter visit Erick in prison approximately once per week. Since entering the prison system, Lyle Menendez married twice. Lyle lives in Mule Creek State Prison.

The State of California tried each brother separately. Both of the juries that heard the cases deadlocked, unable to decide between murder and manslaughter. Appeals to higher courts failed. Prison officials report that the brothers are well-behaved prisoners.

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