What Are Some Facts or Statistics About Child Abuse?


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Some facts and statistics about child abuse include more than 1,500 children die from child abuse in the United States every year, as of 2015. Victims experience significant stress in addition to the direct effects of abuse, according to MedicineNet.com. Survivors have an increased risk of problems into adulthood.

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Child abuse occurs at every educational and socioeconomic level and in all cultures, ethnicities and religions. It affects approximately 40 million children world-wide annually. Risk factors for abuse include issues involving the victim's family and community, the victim and the abuser. Symptoms of abuse vary based on the victim's age and developmental stage. The prevention of further abuse is the first priority of intervention, followed by the treatment of any physical injuries that the victim has sustained. Emotional and psychological treatment follows and can be a lifelong process.

Child abuse is a societal problem that has an annual cost of more than $120 billion in the United States. State and local agencies receive an estimated six referrals per minute regarding child abuse. Supervision neglect, which occurs when a child is left without appropriate adult supervision, is the most common form of abuse. Approximately 75 percent of abuse reports involve a form of neglect. Other forms of child abuse include physical assault, emotional abuse and sexual assault involving physical contact.

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