What Are Some Statistics About Child Abuse?


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Roughly 3 million reports of child abuse are made in the United States each year, involving an approximated 6 million children, reports Childhelp. A report is filed roughly every 10 seconds. In 2012, state agencies estimated that four to five children died each day due to neglect or abuse.

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What Are Some Statistics About Child Abuse?
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Childhelp states that 70 percent of the children who die to abuse or neglect are under 2 years of age, and over 80 percent are too young to attend kindergarten. Most of the fatalities resulting from maltreatment involve at least one parent.

The long-term effects of child abuse are both physical and mental. Individuals with six or more negative childhood experiences are shown to have an average life expectancy two decades shorter than those who reported none, while health-related quality of life issues such as ischemic heart disease and liver disease are linked to child abuse. Adults who suffered through child abuse are at higher risk of experiencing intimate partner violence, depression and drug abuse.

Financially, dealing with child abuse cases in 2008 alone added up to $124 billion. This number is drawn from lifetime estimates of lost worker productivity, the costs of health care and special education, criminal justice expenditures and child welfare costs.

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