What Are Some States That Voted for Obama in the 2012 Election?

What Are Some States That Voted for Obama in the 2012 Election?

Some important "swing states" that Barack Obama won during the 2012 presidential race include Colorado, Florida, Nevada, New Hampshire and Ohio. Both Obama and Mitt Romney mostly won the states that were expected to vote for their respective parties.

Obama's victory in the 2012 election could be considered a comfortable one, as he won all of the major "battleground" states with the exception of North Carolina. These states are key to presidential elections, as the voting population is mixed enough that one party does not have a clear advantage there.

Obama easily won the states that traditionally vote Democrat in overwhelming numbers, such as New York and California. He also won Massachusetts by a substantial margin, even though Romney had been governor there.

Romney won the states that typically vote Republican, such as Arizona, Utah, Alaska, Montana and most of the southeastern states. Overall, Obama won 26 states to Romney's 24. The race was not nearly as close in electoral college votes, however, as the states that usually vote Republican are lower in population than the Democrat strongholds and the key contested states, such as Florida and Ohio. The final electoral college total was 332 for Obama and 206 for Romney.

Democrats also added seats in the House and Senate during this election.