What States Have the Shop With a Cop Program?

Police departments in several states, including Arizona, California, Ohio and Washington, have Shop With a Cop programs, according to POSA Outreach, Fremont Police Department, Ohio.com and the United Way of Lewis County, respectively. Localities run the programs, though they may include law enforcement officers from several agencies.

The Scottsdale, Arizona, Shop With a Cop program has been operating for more than a decade and includes participants such as the police departments of Phoenix, Tempe and Arizona State University, according to POSA Outreach. City of Scottsdale school resource officers and community outreach program officials recommend which youths are included in each year's program. The Fremont, California, Police Department's Shop With a Cop program has also been in operation for several years and allows children to choose presents for both themselves and their family members.

The Shop With a Cop Program in Stow, Ohio, involves several police departments that shop with children who might not otherwise receive presents around the holidays, states Ohio.com. Police take the children shopping in police vehicles, using funds raised by police departments and donated by merchants. The Shop With a Cop program in Lewis County, Washington, pairs officers with children who have not participated in the past and have either financial need or are from families with negative feelings about law enforcement.