What States Require Full Service Gas Stations?


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In 2015, New Jersey and Oregon are the only states that still require full-service gas stations, according to Infoplease. The laws were passed with the intent of protecting gas stations and consumers from costly and deadly accidents.

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New Jersey banned self-serve gas stations in 1949, and Oregon passed a similar law in 1951, states Infoplease. A study by an economics professor at Monmouth University found that 14,000 people were employed pumping gas across New Jersey, states NPR. Both laws have been upheld in the courts numerous times, according to Mental Floss. In 2001, Oregon passed a law allowing motorcyclists to pump their own gas. In 2016, a second law allows non-commercial vehicle drivers to pump gas in rural areas with 40,000 people or fewer between the hours of 6 a.m. and 6 p.m., according to Oregon Live.

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