Do Any States Offer Speeding Ticket Cost Estimators on Their DMV Websites?


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State DMV websites do not typically offer precise information online about how to calculate speeding ticket costs and fines. However, there are sometimes speed fine calculators available from other sources, including individual courts such as Medina Municipal Court in Ohio.

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While official state DMVs do not have a list of speeding fines or penalties for increasing amounts over the speed limit, there are websites that can calculate the approximate cost. Medina Municipal Court has an online calculator for determining the cost of tickets received in its jurisdiction. A person can enter the speed at which he was traveling, the speed limit of the zone in which he was traveling, and the ticket number on the actual ticket in order to determine court costs. The calculator then calculates the speeding ticket cost and court fines, adds them together, and produces the total cost of the ticket.

A person has the option to challenge a speeding ticket they were given, but he still must appear in court, and the whole procedure is subject to court fees, according to Medina Municipal Court. Generally, a speeding ticket forces a driver to pay a penalty, and it also add points to the person's driving record. An accumulation of points results in a suspension, and eventually a revocation, of the license.

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